Lin Jie is a luxury travel consultancy based in the Netherlands, where we offer a wide range of travel services. It is our aim to ensure you receive the highest levels of service and satisfaction whether you are an international traveller, a student seeking educational courses or someone seeking to relocate as an investor.



Our main focus is on providing tailored luxury travel throughout the Europe. Our expert team will design a unique trip to meet your desires, lifestyle and wishes. We offer a full range of luxury travel, accommodation and restaurants. If you are looking for an idyllic island retreat  an exciting urban experience or a winter wonderland we can offer something to suit all requirements. 


If your focus is on business then Lin Jie can also provide fast and efficient transport and accommodation solutions for large corporations or individuals. Locations for conferences and meetings can be arranged along with appropriate resources including training seminars, study tours, award ceremonies and exhibitions.


Our event management team are able to organise and manage a large range of events including  Weddings, Conferences, Employee Incentives, Private Parties, attending concerts, theatres or other public events


We can offer advice and arrange for International students to join educational courses in Private Schools, Colleges or Universities throughout the Netherlands and England. Our knowledge of curriculums and educational institutions allow us to recommend a suitable school to meet an individuals own requirements. this includes school visits, admission processes, living arrangements and guidance about the local area and way of life.


Once you have booked your trip with Lin Jie, we will provide a full programme of your travel, hotel reservations, translation services and any other details you require.. It is our aim to reduce our customers concerns over long distance travel and to ensure you have a rewarding and enjoyable travelling experience.